Epic Dominator 3200 Pro 4WD Electric Skateboard (TOP OF THE LINE!)

Epic Dominator 3200 Pro 4WD Electric Skateboard (TOP OF THE LINE!)

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  • Max Distance: 25
  • Top Speed: 26
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The Dominator 3200 Pro 4-Wheel Drive Electric Skateboard comes with a whopping 3200 watts of power from FOUR 800w brush motors! With its 4-wheel drive power, it is an off-road electric skateboard beast! Whether you are riding on-road or off-road, the huge 10ö pneumatic tires and spring trucks allow you to navigate the smoothest roads or the roughest terrain with ease, and its FOUR high-performance brushed motors enable high speeds with 100% stability.

A critical feature of this awesome board, that differentiates it from many others is the powerful 20aH 36v Lithium battery. Lithium batteries will take 3 to 10 times more recharge cycles than sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries. Just like a car battery, an SLA battery is a reliable power source, but the total cost of ownership is higher because they have to be replaced much more often. Plus, lithium batteries are much lighter, which is important when it comes to carrying your board. So, less weight, smaller size, and it will last for years.

It features a changeable battery, slow/fast speed settings, wireless remote controller with light, 5-bar LED battery level indicator, LED speedometer, and regenerative braking. Another cool feature of the Dominator 3200 Pro is the auto power-off function on both the board and the controller. The skateboard will automatically power off after 5 minutes and the hand controller after 3 minutes. So, if you ever forget to turn off either the electric skateboard or the controller (which, by the way, is very common), they turn themselves off, so you can enjoy your next ride without having to find a power outlet.

However, the most important feature of this electric skateboard may be who it is made by. Unlike so many of the other manufacturers who have only recently entered the electric rideable market, Epic Skateboards built their first electric skateboard clear back in 1991. They have forgotten more about electric skateboards than most manufacturers know!

Please do read more about Epic by clicking on the About the Manufacturer tab to the right. And be sure to click on the Specs tab to the right to read more about this board.

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