Epic Racer 2800 Hub Electric Skateboard
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Epic Racer 2800 Hub Electric Skateboard

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Part Number:EP-RAC-2800
  • Max Distance (Miles): 6 (w/Fly model), 18 (w/Pro model)
  • Top Speed (MPH): 22
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Epic Racer 2800 Hub (FLY and PRO Models)

The Epic Racer 2800 Hub is the latest in Epic's line of incredible electric longboards. Weighing in at only 15 to 16.5 pounds (depending on battery), this electric skateboard features TWO 1400W high-performance brushless HUB motors! That's right, the motors are built right into the wheels, which means YOU DON'T EVEN SEE THE MOTORS! (See image below.) With 2800 watts of hub power, plus the freeride trucks and gum wheels, this board will give you excellent power, speed and handling. And its less than average overall weight allows you to easily carry it with you on the bus or train, at school or the office.

As with all other Epic electric skateboards, a critical feature of this board, that differentiates it from many other electric skateboards, is the lithium battery. Lithium batteries will handle 3 to 5 times more recharge cycles than a skateboard with a sealed lead acid (SLA) battery. Just like a car battery, an SLA battery is a reliable power source, but the total cost of ownership is often higher because they have to be replaced much more often. Plus, lithium batteries are much lighter, which is important when it comes to carrying your board. So, high power, less weight, and smaller size combine to make this a very popular electric skateboard that will last for years.

The Epic Racer 2800 Hub is available in two different models, with the only difference being the battery. The 2800 FLY Model, which includes a 2.7ah 36v lithium battery, and the 2800 PRO Model, which comes with a higher capacity 8.8ah 36v lithium battery. There are a few advantages and disadvantages to each as follows:

FLY Model with 2.7ah 36v Lithium Battery

The primary advantage to the FLY model is price. You can save money by going with a less powerful battery. Another advantage is that because the battery is lower powered, international shipping rules allow the board and the battery to be shipped together, already installed and ready to ride. The disadvantages are shorter run times (20-40 minutes) and a shorter travel distance (3-6 miles) on a single charge. If neither of those two specs matter to you, go with the FLY model and save some money! (By the way, one offset to those disadvantages is that it only takes 1-3 hours to completely recharge the batteries in the FLY model, versus 3-5 with the PRO model.)

PRO Model with 8.8ah 36v Lithium Battery

On the other hand, the more powerful PRO model with the 8.8ah battery will run up to 2 hours and go up to 18 miles on a single charge! The disadvantage that comes with this added power, in addition to a slightly higher cost, is that international shipping rules prohibit the board and the battery to be shipped together. It's not that big of a deal, you'll get two boxes instead of one and you'll have to install the battery yourself, but that's it. If you want more riding time and range, go with this model.

Another great feature of the Racer 2800 is the auto power-off function on both the board and the controller. The skateboard will automatically power off after 5 minutes and the hand controller after 3 minutes. So, if you ever forget to turn off either the electric skateboard or the controller (which, by the way, is very common), they turn themselves off, so you can enjoy your next ride without having to find a power outlet.

However, the most important feature of this electric skateboard may be who it is made by. Unlike so many of the other manufacturers who have only recently entered the electric rideable market, Epic Skateboards built their first electric skateboard clear back in 1991. They have forgotten more about electric skateboards than most manufacturers know!

Please do read more about Epic by clicking on the About the Manufacturer tab above. And be sure to also click on the Specs tab above to read more about this board.

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