What is an Electric Rideable?

An electric rideable is simply any device that you can ride on that is powered by an electric motor. But you already knew that, right? The easiest way to understand what an electric rideable is, is to just browse around this web site! Here at ElectricRideables.com we offer the six most popular categories of electric rideables:

Electric Skateboards, Electric Scooters, Electric Bikes, Electric Mini-Segways, Electric Uniwheels, and Children's Electric Ride-on Toys. You can click on any of the above categories to view examples. You can click here to read even more about electric rideables.

Why would someone want an electric rideable?

First, because they are an absolute blast! Let's face it, we like our toys, right? But that's not the only reason people are buying electric rideables like crazy right now. Another great reason is transportation, getting from Point A to Point B. Thousands of people are discovering that electric rideables are the next generation of transportation especially for The Last Mile. Click here to read more about The Last Mile and why electric rideables are perfect for that. And thirdly, electric rideables are GREEN! Their electric motors have extremely efficient energy-consumed to miles-traveled ratios. And of course, electric motors give off no emissions, which allows you to ride them indoors. They do draw electric power during recharge, but that electricity causes fourteen times less greenhouse gas emissions than driving a car. It's not unusual for an electric rideable to have a carbon footprint equivalent of to 1,500 miles/gallon or more. And to add to their efficiency, many electric rideables are equipped with regenerative braking that recharges the battery when you are coasting.

Is it hard to learn to ride an electric rideable?

No, but with the exception of the electric bike, each device does have a bit of a learning curve. Most people are able to master even the most difficult electric rideable within 30 minutes or so. Clearly, the electric bike is the easiest to ride; it's exactly like riding a regular bike and therefore, really has no learning curve. Next would be a scooter since it has a handle to hold on to for more stability. Electric skateboards, which are our most popular-selling items, are fairly easy to ride, especially if you've ridden a regular skateboard before. Self-balancing 2-wheel scooters or mini-Segway devices like the popular Hovertrax Self-Balancing Scooter come next, but don't work particularly well outside on uneven, rough surface. They're ideal for indoor use on smooth, flat surfaces, Most difficult are uniwheel rideables like the Solowheel, although many people say once you've learned them, they are the most maneuverable and flexible of them all.

Which electric rideable is right for me?

That's tough to for us to say. It depends on why you want an electric rideable in the first place. If your purpose is primarily for transportation, electric skateboards, bikes and uniwheels are probably your best bet. Just remember that a bike may not be the ideal choice if you have to carry it onto public transportation. If it's fun you’re looking for, every single device will, without question, give you that! Of course, kids' ride-on toys are sort of in a category of their own. Take a look at one of our mini-quad 4-wheelers. I think you'll agree that every kid would absolutely LOVE to have a ride-on toy like that! And if not a 4-wheeler, we have Ferraris and Lamborghinis and Land Rovers and motorcycles and even fire trucks.

Areelectric rideables safe?

Some rideables can travel at speeds up to 20 MPH. If you fall off at that speed it will probably hurt. As with anything else you can ride, you should take appropriate safety precautions. Our philosophy is SAFETY FIRST! Always wear a helmet, as well as other appropriate safety gear (e.g. elbow or knee pads), and observe safe riding rules. Children should never ride any electric rideable without the permission and direct supervision of a parent or other adult guardian.

Can electric rideable batteries explode or cause a fire?

All batteries, electric rideable or otherwise, have inherent safety risks that include, but are not limited to, fire, explosion, electrical shock or exposure to harmful chemicals. Misuse or abuse dramatically increases these risks. However, all electric rideables sold on this website include batteries manufactured by reputable companies (e.g. Panasonic) and include features designed to increase their safety. These features may include redundant fail-safe chips designed to shut off the battery in the event of a short circuit, overcharge/overheat protection, and low-voltage protection. The stories you may hear in the media about self-balancing scooters exploding or catching on fire happen with cheap Chinese knock-offs that have terrible electrical components, including potentially dangerous batteries. Always buy from a reputable company that you can trust. Click here to read more about electric rideable battery safety.

Why are electric rideables so expensive?

Many years of research and extensive engineering has gone into every electric rideable you see on this site. Plus, quality components are critical to building durable, high-performance devices. The science behind many of these personal transportation marvels would amaze you! Some of them, including uniwheels and the mini-Segway devices, even include gyroscopic and accelerometer technology that automatically sense the angle of your body with respect to gravity at dozens of times per second. These devices help you maintain your balance by applying forces to the ground in the direction you are leaning. If you lean forward the device applies motor torque to the wheel to push it forward, and at the same time bringing you upright and balancing you. When you lean back, it applies reverse torque to slow you down and balance you accordingly. This is truly amazing technology!

Can electric rideables be ridden off-road?

Yes and no, some can and some cannot. For example, the MotoTec-1600W Electric Skateboard is intended to be ridden off-road, but mini-Segway devices like this Hovertrax self-balancing 2-wheel scooter are definitely not. Every rideable is different in this regard, so please read more about each individual product on its product page.

Do your electric rideables come with a warranty?

Yes, every electric rideable we sell comes with a Manufacturer's Warranty and our Satisfaction Guaranty. Manufacturer's warranties vary from company to company, so be sure to view the Warranty tab on each individual product page.

How fast do you ship?

Most of our electric rideables are in stock and ready to ship, so handling times are usually quick. All of our products are shipped directly from our manufacturer partner's warehouses in the United States. Shipping times are dependent on where you live relative to the warehouse and sometimes affected by the availability of a particular product. Please see the Shipping tab on the product page of the electric rideable you are interested in for detailed shipping information.

Where can I get answers to questions about a specific product?

Our goal here at ElectricRideables.com is to be your trusted, "go to" source for everything related to electric rideables! With that in mind, we go out of our way to provide extensive information right here on this web site for any product you might be interested in. Each individual product includes lengthy descriptions, specs, warranty and shipping information and more. But in the rare situation that you cannot find what you are looking for here, you can always contact us via our Contact Us page.

I have a question that is not listed here or on the product page of the item I am looking at, who should I contact?

Us! We are the Electric Rideable Experts and are here to answer ANY question you may have. Simply refer to our Contact Us page to email or call us.