Henes USA

HENES USA manufactures luxurious electric ride-on cars for kids that are not just toys, but truly are dream vehicles ... for anyone. Henes has been a significant player in the kids electric ride-on car culture and its development. Professionally specialized fields of actual motor vehicle industry were gathered together to take the first step in designing the safest and most advanced kids electric ride-on cars. Many of their trials along the way were turned into its glorious achievements for kids.

Henes created the BROON series of ride-on-cars for kids based on a goal of uncompromising performance, daring design and groundbreaking technology. Their mission, to manufacture the safest vehicle for kids in the world, resulted in a kids' car with a safety control system that is unsurpassed in the industry. As part of the development of the BROON series, Henes also pioneered the world’s first Android-powered electronic radio control system into its vehicles, 4-wheel drive and independent suspension. BROON provides driving information and condition in real-time and this is totally focused on the safety for our children.

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