Solowheel xTreme Gyro-stabilized Electric Unicycle - Black
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Solowheel xTreme Gyro-stabilized Electric Unicycle - Black

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SOLOWHEEL XTREME -- Our most powerful uniwheel rider!

With all of the features of the Solowheel Classic, plus a new user-friendly design, the Solowheel Xtreme allows you to experience freedom like never before! The new Solowheel Xtreme boasts a powerful 1,800W motor and new "smart" control system that anticipates your every move. And new exposed 18" tires handle rough terrain with ease and give the Solowheel Xtreme an edgy, rugged look. What are you waiting for? The adventure starts here!



Quality matters! And Solowheel's power comes from its quality core materials. Don't be fooled by the cheap knock-offs that you see elsewhere on the Internet; if you want reliability, power and a long-lasting uniwheel riding experience, only the authentic Solowheel brand delivers.



The all-new SOLOWARETM integrated control system has the best features of the last generation plus smart new upgrades.



Over 20 revolutionary upgrades.



Choose from white or black with subtle red accents.



Solowheel Xtreme moves thanks to its brushless electric motor, sophisticated lithium-ion battery and the gyro-sensor-stabilization system. Highly accurate gyro sensors are integrated in the motherboard. They detect the forward tilt and instruct the motor to compensate for the balance by rotating the wheel and by keeping this tilt stable. When braking, they reciprocally detect the backward tilt and cause the motor to decelerate.


Solowheel Xtreme is an electric uniwheel transportation device and is totally different from a regular unicycle with pedals. There is somewhat of a learning curve, but most people find it easy to get the hang of riding the Solowheel Xtreme. With your feet low to the ground and your legs resting against the pads, it makes it easy to steer and balance. Lean forward to go forward and backward when you want to slow down or stop. Solowheel can be used by anyone, just like a bicycle is.


  • Speed - Up to 10 mph / 16 kph
  • Range - Approx. 12 miles / 20 km
  • Motor Power - 1,800 Watts
  • Tire - 18 inches x 2.5 inches
  • Length - 18.0 inches / 45.72 cm
  • Width (pedals unfolded) - 14.0 inches / 35.6 cm
  • Width (pedals folded) - 6.0 inches / 15.24 cm
  • Height - 20.5 inches / 52.07 cm
  • Warranty - Limited 1 year

(Specifications are subject to change without notice.)

Wherever you are, get on and get going! With Solowheel the world is yours!

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