What is the Best Electric Ride On Toy for Kids?

Electric ride on toys for kids became popular when the Power Wheels brand introduced their Power Wheels Jeep. Since then, many exciting new brands have entered the popular "luxury toys" for kids market. It is undeniable that every kid would love to have one. Prices have also come down recently and ride-on toys are more affordable—and cooler—than ever.

The purpose of our kids electric ride on toys Buyers Guide is to help you choose the very best ride-on toy for your child. We will look at several different categories of electric ride-on-toys and explain why choosing the right type of ride-on toy is critical to your decision. We'll also examine the most important features and specs that you should know about before you buy an electric ride on toy for your kids. When it comes to finding the best ride on toys and the answers to your questions, you need look no further than right here on ElectricRideables.com.

#1 Factor in Choosing the Best Ride On Toy for your Child

The #1 feature of battery powered ride on toys is the category, style or model of car, SUV, ATV, motorcycle, go-kart or other vehicle that the toy replicates. That might seem obvious to you, but sometimes parents overlook the importance of choosing the right electric-powered vehicle for their kids. We have discovered that it is actually the most important factor when choosing the best ride on toy. Why? Because whether you realize it or not, every kid has a preference.

Some children will want an electric car, some an electric ATV or electric motorcycle for kids, while others may just want a red electric fire truck. Some kids completely expect to ride their battery-powered vehicle on the driveway or sidewalk, whereas others want to ride on the lawn or in the dirt. Adults tend to choose the electric ride-on toy category that THEY are most interested in, but we strongly recommend you find out which one your kid would like most and get that one.

Electric Cars for Kids

Kids electric cars, and specifically sports cars, are probably the most popular category Kalee 1963 Corvette Sting Ray 12vof powered ride on toys. Who wouldn’t want to drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or a Bentley or a Corvette? When it comes to a car for kids, sports cars have always been and will always be popular. If you know your child is into sports cars, don't buy them an electric ATV, SUV or scooter, get 'em a sports car! But once you know that your kid is into cars, you still have another challenge and that is choosing which model of car to buy. Which model is the best car for kids is an individual thing, so find out which electric car model your kid is into before you buy it. Some kids may not care, but if your kid really loves Lamborghinis, get him or her a Lamborghini! It matters!

Electric ATV for Kids

And that brings us to another popular category: the electric ATV or battery powered 4-wheeler. It's a fact that not all kids want an electric car, some of them will know Sahara X Mini-Quad Ride-on-Toyabout and have their eye on an ATV, especially if your family has ridden full-size ATVs before . All you have to do is look at these cool on or off-road kids vehicles and you will see why they are so popular: They basically look exactly like a regular adult ATV! The bonus with this type of electric ride on toy is that your kids can ride them on the grass, sand or a dirt trail. (The electric sports cars don’t do as well off the pavement.) But battery powered ATVs can also just as easily be ridden on the sidewalk or road. There are several different models of electric ATV available, so go to the Ride on Toys section of our store and take a look around.

Electric Go-Karts for Kids

Another super popular and often overlooked type of battery powered ride on toy is the kids electric go-kart. Go-karts ride closer to the ground, giving them a low center of gravity, which means Baha X Electric Go-Kart 1000w for Kidsthey are able to go a little faster than most other ride-on toys. That makes them especially popular with older children and teenagers. When you first came to this Buyer's Guide you may not have even thought about an electric go-kart as an option, but we highly recommend that you seriously do. IN many ways, they are more fun and more flexible than any of the other electric ride-on toys. A classic example (and our most popular model of kid's go-kart) is the Baha X Electric Go-Kart. It has a powerful 1000w, 48v brushless motor, adjustable speed control (up to 20 MPH), has a reverse transmission, and can handle a rider up to 265 lbs in weight. If you were thinking about a car, you might want to give this electric rideable some serious consideration. And if you have young teenagers, this is the ultimate in electric rideable fun!

Electric Motorcycle for Kids

This is a fairly new category of electric ride on toy. (Well, electric motorcycles have been around  24V Electric Dirt Bike for Kidsfor a while, but the style and selection of kids' battery-powered motorcycles has changed significantly.) At first, electric motorbikes were pretty basic and actually looked like a kid's "toy". But now, electric motorcycles for kids come in some pretty amazing designs that look like the real thing! You can choose from simple electric motorcycles designed for young children (that include extra training wheels for stability), to the three-wheeling 12v Red Hawk Motorcycle, to our popular 3-speed, chain-driven 24v 500w Electric Dirt Bike that is perfect for older kids and teens weighing up to 150 pounds. (Click on the image to the right to read more about this awesome kids dirt bike.)

Other Electric Ride-on-Toys for Kids

There are other kids electric ride-on toys that don't fit neatly into the categories above. This includes other styles of electric cars for kids, electric mopeds for kids, electric scooters for kids, and even an electric-powered fire truck.

Important Ride-on-Toy Features & Specs

There are a number of features worth knowing about when it comes to kids ride-on toys. As you browse through the ElectricRideables.com store and click on individual products, be sure to scroll down and read the full description and specs of each electric ride-on toy. By doing so, you'll get a good feeling for which of the features below each product has.

Battery – When you shop for an electric ride-on toy for children (or older kids, for that matter) you will commonly see 24v ride on toys, 12v ride on toys and 6v ride on toys. That number refers to the voltage of the battery (or batteries) that come with a particular model of electric ride-on toy. The battery is important because it's what powers the ride-on-toy. Plus, the more battery power you have the longer your child will be able to ride on a single charge. Also, the older and heavier the child, the more battery power you will need.

Motor – Battery-powered cars for kids also have to have an electric motor, which is measured in watts. The motor, which is powered by the battery, is what propels the ride-on-toy forward. The bigger the wattage of the motor the more speed and torque the vehicle will have. And just as mentioned above in the battery section, the older and heavier the child, the higher the motor wattage ought to be.

Recommended Age – Every electric ride-on toy sold here on ElectricRideables.com includes a Recommended Age guideline to give you an idea of the age range for which a particular electric powered ride-on is intended. There are electric ride on toys for toddlers. electric ride on toys for teens and definitely also electric ride on toys for adults, including electric skateboards and electric scooters. It's important to read the product descriptions regarding which rideable is appropriate for which age group because you can't always tell just by looking at a photo whether a particular electric ride-on-toy is for a young child, an adult, or someone in between.

The features built into electric ride on cars are directly related to the intended age of the individual that will be riding it. As battery powered ride-on toys become larger and faster, the recommended age is also increased. In general, battery-operated ride on toys are intended only for children that have developed adequate hand-eye coordination for driving the vehicle. However, there are some electric ride on toys that have features specifically built-in, such as a parental remote control and speed control (see below), that will allow even very young children to ride them. Likewise, electric ride on toys for older kids will have features geared to that age bracket. Be sure to purchase the electric ride-on-toy that is appropriate for the intended rider's age.

Top Speed & Speed Control – You need not be concerned about a kids ride-on-toy going too fast; all of our electric ride-on-toys have appropriate power and maximum speed for the recommended age. However, speed and speed control is something you should nevertheless pay attention to and understand. Some ride-on-toys have a variable speed control that you (the parent) can set. This gives you the flexibility to increase the speed based on your child's age or ability, and allows your child to continue to enjoy the electric riding toy for years to come. Speed control is a great feature that every parent appreciates.

Parental Remote Control – Some electric cars for kids have a separate handheld remote control that the parent (or other adult) can use to "drive" the vehicle. This is especially useful for younger children who are too young to drive the ride on toy themselves. The child "thinks" they are driving, when in reality, the parent has full control.

On-Road or Off-Road – Most electric rideables for kids are designed for riding on relatively smooth, clean surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks and roads. However, some ride-on toys, especially kids' ATVs, are great in the dirt, sand or grass. We also carry the Baha X Electric Go-Kart and the Mototec 24v Electric Dirt Bike, which are both great off-road.

Forward & Reverse – Some electric rideables may have a reverse gear, which in some situations is a very nice feature. While it's not a critical "must have" feature, if it's something you think you might like to have, be sure to check the specs for that feature.

Maximum Rider Weight – This spec may be thought of as similar in purpose to the Recommended Age discussed above, however, it serves an additional important purpose. It is provided by the manufacturer as a guideline regarding how much rider weight a particular kids' electric toy can handle. It is just a guideline, but it's an important one because the heavier the rider (regardless of age), the more the overall performance (speed, torque, battery run time, etc.) will be affected. Performance factors such as top speed, acceleration, or the ability to ride up hills, are affected by rider weight, so expect the performance of the electric ride-on-toy to be affected by that. A 24v ride on toy with a bigger motor will obviously handle heavier riders better than a 6 volt ride on toy with a smaller motor.

Safety – As with any child's ride on toy, whether it's powered by a battery, by the feet or by gravity, safety is of the utmost importance. A properly fitting helmet should be mandatory. And, as soon as you receive your child's new electric rideable, it is important to talk with him or her about the boundaries. Let them know where they can and cannot drive their new ride-on-toy, what the range is, and whether you adult supervision is required. And remind them that pedestrians have the right of way. Put safety first to assure your child's fun now and in the future.

Other Features – There are several other features on electric ride on cars that you might want to take a look at. Things such as the type of brakes, suspension/shocks, frame material and tires, all affect the quality of your new ride on toy. Other features such as lights, trim, sound options, charging time, and other specifications, while not critical to the quality of the toy, may also be of interest to you.

Warning about buying an electric ride-on-toy for your child

This Buyer's Guide wouldn't complete without one warning about buying a ride on toy for your kid: It's going to be really, really difficult to get him or her to come in for dinner or do their homework!

The Bottom Line on Choosing the Best Electric Ride-on-Toy for Kids

There is not right or wrong, or even necessarily good, better and best. The battery powered ride on toy you choose is largely a matter of your child's preference, your budget and the intended use. That is why, at ElectricRideables.com, we carry ALL types of kids ride-on-toys to meet the wishes of ALL types of kids … and their parents. As you browse through our store, be sure to read the detailed information about each ride on toy found in the tabs next to the main description tab. Our objective is to provide you with the most information and the widest selection of electric ride on toys anywhere on the Internet. We ARE the electric rideable experts!