What is the Best Electric Skateboard to Buy?

When it comes to choosing the best electric skateboard, there are a lot of choices but really only a handful could be classified as "the best." And remember, not everyone has an unlimited budget, so it only makes sense to also consider the cost when determining which electric skateboard is best. What many people really want to know when they ask, "What is the best electric skateboard?" is, "Which electric skateboard is best for me?"

We have been very careful about selecting which electric skateboard manufacturers we carry in our store. Each one has been selected because it brings something a little different to the table. This eliminates some of the confusion and redundancy that you see on websites that carry every electric skateboard under the sun.

Before you can decide what the best electric skateboard is for your particular situation, you really need to figure out what the most important factors are to you. Ultimately, your decision needs to be based upon many different factors – money, of course, being one of them, but there are some other factors that are important as well. In this electric skateboard review we will explore the most important ones.

Do you want to ride your electric skateboard on or off-road?

Maverix BorderX Electric SkateboardThe very first question you should ask yourself when deciding on which electric skateboard to buy is, "What do I want to do with it?" Do you plan to ride it to work or school or on the roads of your neighborhood, or do you want to take it off-road on dirt trails or on the grass? Maybe you want to use it as a fun golf cart on the golf course!

Generally, electric skateboards are designed specifically for either on-road or off-road use, and although there is no reason you can't ride an off-road electric skateboard on smooth surfaces, the reverse is not necessary true. And that is the first major difference between electric skateboard models: Whether it is designed for on-road or off-road riding.

Identifying whether a particular electric skateboard model is for on-road or off-road riding will be obvious to you simply by looking at it. MotoTec 600W On-Road Electric Skateboard On-road boards are usually smaller, lighter and have solid polyurethane wheels like our popular MotoTec 600W On-Road Electric Skateboard (see image right), whereas off-road boards are typically bigger, heavier and have large rubber pneumatic tires like the MotoTec 1600W Dual-Motor All-Road Electric Skateboard. Off-road electric skateboards ride very well on dirt, gravel, grass, and even hard-packed sand or snow. They ride perfectly fine on pavement as well, but electric skateboards, which are built for the paved surfaces, may have a somewhat smoother ride.

Which Type of Electric Skateboard Battery is Best?

One of the most important differences from one electric skateboard to the next is the battery. The type of battery your electric skateboard comes with will affect both the price and the performance. There are two main types of batteries: Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) and Lithium Ion (Li-ion). It is not necessarily important for you to understand the science behind these two types of batteries, but you do need to understand how the one you choose will affect your pocketbook and the performance of your skateboard.

The bottom line is cost versus performance!

Li-ion batteries weigh less, hold a charge longer, and don't have to be replaced as often as SLA batteries. But Li-ion batteries are also more expensive and can increase Battery Comparison for Electric Skateboardsthe price of an electric skateboard by $300 or more. An SLA battery, which is similar to a car battery, is much heavier and will usually last only about 2 or 3 years. But they are much less expensive, which makes them very popular for many applications, including electric skateboards, which is why most electric skateboards come with SLA batteries.

However, if cost is not a factor, and especially if you plan to carry your board on the bus or from classroom to classroom, an electric skateboard with a Li-ion battery may be a better choice. For many people, however, the difference in price can be the difference between owning an electric skateboard and not owning one! It is precisely for this reason that we offer several excellent SLA-powered electric skateboards that perform extremely well. If you really want to know even more about the difference between SLA and Li-ion batteries, you can click here.

Best Electric Skateboard Motor

It may seem obvious that the bigger the motor, the more power you will have, but that's not necessarily the case. It depends on the type of electric skateboard motor that is built into your board. There are two different kinds of motors: brushed and brushless. Brushless motors are more expensive, but are lighter, quieter, run more efficiently and require less maintenance. (The difference in efficiency means that more of the total power used by a brushless motor is being turned into rotational force and less is being lost as heat.) The wattage rating of the motor is also a factor. Generally, the higher the wattage, the higher the top speed and torque.

The Manufacturer (Quality Components, Construction and Warranty)

One final factors that you MUST consider when determining what is the best electric skateboard to buy is the manufacturer. And that, of course, directly affects the quality of workmanship, the quality of components used to build the electric skateboard, and also the service and warranty aspects of your purchase. At ElectricRideables.com we ONLY sell electric skateboards from the best manufacturers and we stand behind every board we sell.

As we've pointed out above, there is clearly a relationship between the features included with each electric skateboard and the cost of the board. You've now learned that there are some great prices  Epic Dominator 900 Pro Electric Skateboardon some very good electric skateboards and there are also higher-end boards that will cost more. If you really want the Ferrari of Skateboards, check out our Epic Skateboards here. Epic probably makes the BEST boards in the world, but unfortunately they are located in Australia and the cost of shipping them to the U.S. is absolutely brutal right now. (We will ship for free to you if you live in the U.S., but we still have to include the cost in our selling prices somehow.) If you still want that Ferrari, one of the very best electric skateboards in the world is the Epic Dominator 900 Pro Electric Skateboard (see image left). But it's not cheap, and after you look at the specs, you'll see why. Be sure to click on the About the Manufacturer tab and read about the company as well. In fact, whether you buy an Epic electric skateboard, or a Yuneec electric skateboard, a MotoTec electric skateboard or one from one of our other manufacturers, be sure to read all about the company before you buy.

Other Electric Skateboard Features

Every electric skateboard comes with a variety of unique features. None of them are necessarily critical to the usability of your skateboard, but some of them are really nice to have. Which ones you want (or need) is up to you. Some of these features include: wired or wireless controller, regenerative braking, multi-speed settings, forward and reverse modes, speedometers, battery indicators, lights, auto shut-off (in case you forget to), auto-braking (so when you fall off your board it doesn’t keep going), and even USB charging ports to charge your cell phone.

OK, that's all great, but what is your #1 overall recommendation for the best electric skateboard?

If you've read everything above, you know that at the very least it depends on what you want to do with your new electric skateboard. But in our opinion, here are the best choices in both off-road and on-road electric skateboards:

  • Best Off-Road (and All-Around) Electric Skateboard

All things considered, including price, our #1 choice for an off-road electric skateboard is the MotoTec 1600W Dual-Motor All-Road Electric Skateboard.

MotoTec 1600W Dual-Motor All-Road Electric SkateboardWhat the MotoTec 1600W has that makes it so unique is TWO, yes TWO 800W motors! Talk about power! This baby will accelerate from 0 to 15 MPH in 3.5 seconds flat. If power is high on your list of priorities or if you plan to climb a lot of hills, then this is the electric skateboard for you! The MotoTec 1600W comes with an SLA battery, and has similar tires, top speed and range.

  • Best On-Road Electric Skateboard

Hands down, the MotoTec On-road 600W Electric Skateboard. It's the PERFECT board for the

budget-conscious skateboard enthusiast! And don't let the low price fool you! When it comes to street cruising, the MotoTec On-Road 600W has the highest speed and distance available. With a top speed of 19 MPH and an average cruising range of 16 miles it will get you where you want to go. It comes with a 600W brush motor and weighs 37 pounds, so it's quite different than the Yuneec E-GO, but it deserves serious consideration. And we certainly haven't forgotten to respect your pocketbook. For the money, this board is one of the best on-road electric skateboards available.

The Bottom Line on Choosing the Best Electric Skateboard

There is not right or wrong, or even necessarily good, better and best. The electric skateboard you choose is largely a matter of personal preference, budget and intended use. That is why, at ElectricRideables.com, we carry ALL types of boards to meet the needs of ALL types of buyers. As you browse through our store, be sure to read the detailed information about each board found in the tabs next to the main description tab. Our objective is to provide you with the most information and the widest selection of electric skateboards anywhere on the Internet. We ARE the electric skateboard experts!

For your convenience, here's a "cheat sheet" that shows the most important features for each of the electric skateboards sold on this website. The chart is organized by price, from low to high. Click on the electric skateboard name to visit the actual product page and see each electric skateboard's full features:

Electric SkateboardOn or Off-RoadBatteryMotorTop Speed*Range*WarrantyPrice
MotoTec 600W On-road 1 x 10Ah/36V SLA 600W Brush 19 MPH 22 Miles 30-day $447.00
MotoTec 1600W Dual-Motor Off-road 1 x 14Ah/36V SLA 2 x 800W Brush 22 MPH 10 Miles 30-day $597.00
Epic Caseboard 500 Pro FoldingOn-road1 x 7Ah/36V Li-Ion500W Brushless22 MPH19 Miles6-month$1,047.00
Epic Racer 3200 FlyOn-road1 x 2.7Ah/36V Li-Ion2 x 1600W Brushless30 MPH6 Miles6-month$1,047.00
Epic Racer 500 Pro On-road 1 x 7Ah/36V Li-Ion 500W Brushless 22 MPH 18 Miles 6-month $1,097.00
Epic Racer 3200 ProOn-road1 x 8.8Ah/36V Li-Ion2 x 1600W Brushless30 MPH18 Miles6-month$1,197.00
Epic Racer 2800 Hub FlyOn-road1 x 2.7Ah/36V Li-Ion2 x 1400W Hub Brushless22 MPH6 Miles6-month$1,197.00
Epic Racer 2800 Hub ProOn-road1 x 8.8Ah/36V Li-Ion2 x 1400W Hub Brushless22 MPH18 Miles6-month$1,377.00
Epic Dominator 900 Pro Off-road 1 x 10Ah/36V Li-Ion 900W Brushless 26 MPH 25 Miles 6-month $1,587.00
Epic Dominator 3200 Pro Off-road 1 x 20Ah/36V Li-Ion 4 x 800W Brush 26 MPH 25 Miles 6-month


* Depending on rider weight and terrain
6-month warranty on the board and 12-month warranty on the electronics