X-Treme Summit Elite 48-Volt Mid-Motor Electric Mountain Bicycle - Black
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X-Treme Summit Elite 48-Volt Mid-Motor Electric Mountain Bicycle - Black

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Part Number:XT-Summit48V-E
  • Max Distance:40
  • Top Speed:25
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X-Treme Summit Elite 48 Volt Mid-Motor Electric Mountain Bike with Extra Large 10AH 48V LiPo4 Battery 

48 VOLTS AND 500 WATTS OF POWER! The all new X-Treme Summit Elite 48 Volt Mid-Motor Electric Mountain Bicycle with its extra-large 10AH 48V LiPo4 lightweight battery pack, is our most powerful electric bicycle. Most electric bikes are powered by 24v or 36v battery packs, but this bike has a walloping 48 volts of power! And while most other electric bikes have the motor in the rear wheel/hub, the Summit Elite 48 Volt is one of the first to introduce a mid-motor mount in the center of the lower frame as a combined part of the crank system. That's why it's called a Mid-Motor.

The benefits of a mid-motor system include zero resistance when pedaling with the power off, low center of gravity for better handling, greater performance, and lighter weight. Most of all, when the power is off and you are powering the bike by pedaling, because there is zero resistance and no heavy rear hub motor to pedal against, your overall riding experience will be very similar if not nearly identical to that of a non-electric powered bicycle.

As an added bonus, X-Treme's exclusive Smart Power Assist System (SPAS) allows the rider to control the electronics of this X-Treme electric bike via a Kingmeter LCD screen attached to the handlebars. SPAS, with 5 speed settings, allows the e-bike to operate nearly twice as efficiently as a non-smart assist e-bike, allowing you to travel 35 miles (or more) per charge (during optimal terrain conditions). The upgraded Smart PAS also contains a torque sensor that no other X-Treme electric bicycles have, which will sense the torque needed to climb a hill. When climbing, the Summit Elite 48 Volt will increase torque output, resulting in more effective climbing, even on steeper hills. The LCD control panel also shows you your speed, distance traveled and remaining battery life.

This new Elite model has an upgraded SPAS that also contains a torque sensor that no other X-Treme Bicycle has, which will sense the torque needed to climb a hill. When climbing, the Summit Elite 48V will increase torque output which will result in a pleasant hill climbing experience, even if the hill is steep. 

Other top-of-the line features include:

  • SA Suntour® front forks that allow for a super-smooth ride. The SA Suntour forks have a coil spring with a pre-load adjuster on the left side and a hydraulic lock-out cartridge on the right side.
  • Shimano Tourney 27-speed Derailleur and Shifter system (3 Speed Shimano derailleur on the front wheel and 9 Speed Shimano derailleur on the rear wheel).
  • All-new high-efficiency Tekto front disk brakes and JAK-3SR rear disk brakes with 160mm vented brake rotors.
  • Front & rear wheels have a quick release hub to allow for easy removal.
  • Black bar ends on the handle bars. If you are not familiar with bar ends, they are an accessory added to the handlebars on mountain bikes, that give you more hand positions to choose from while riding. This is particularly important on long rides, since your hands can can go numb and possibly suffer nerve damage if you keep them in one position for too long. Bar ends offer relief as they offer you an additional hand position to relieve the pressure on your hands. They also allow you to get off the saddle and position yourself over the handlebars and stand up while climbing hills.
  • Another new feature is the convenient USB port located on the battery pack to allow you to charge your cell phone, iPod or any other smart gadgets while riding your Summit Elite 48 Volt.
Top speed for this bike is up to 25 MPH (or faster speeds if you pedal) and will go up to 32 miles per charge using power only and up to 40 miles per charge using the SPAS.

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