Inventist, which is sometimes also known as Solowheel because of their popular Solowheel uniwheel electric rideable, is based in Camas, Washington in the United States. Inventist is led by founder and president Shane Chen, who is the inventor and patent holder of the famous Hovertrax, the first 2-wheel self-balancing scooter (or hoverboard, as they are sometimes called) ever made! Inventist is currently not offering the Hovertrax in the U.S. market, but if they ever do, we'll have it! We do, however, sell the Solowheel. Why? Because it is the ORIGINAL electric uniwheel! Some people just want the original and can deliver.

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Solowheel xTreme Gyro-stabilized Electric Unicycle - White
$2,495.00  $2,197.00